Rensure Insurance & Risk arrange insurance programs and risk minimization solutions to all types of domestic & commercial clients. 

At Rensure we are here to help you avoid & insure exposures that may arise whilst doing everyday life.

Outstanding Service and Savings!

Matt saved me nearly 50% when I transferred over my car insurance and got me a better policy! How good is that!

Peter Scott

We know that finding the right insurance policy for your business can be time consuming and is a complex process especially when setting up policies and dealing with claims. Every organization is different and requires an insurance program suited to your business to ensure your business obtains the right policies, sums insured and covers as this can leave the business exposed when claims arise. As brokers we:

  • Understand your needs, your industry and your risks

  • Negotiates on your behalf to provide high end policies and more competitive terms available to you

  • Delivers quality, timely and cost-effective client services that are unique to your business situation

  • Acts on your behalf to get claims paid quickly with your full entitlements

Why Choose Rensure Insurance & Risk?

At Rensure we build relationship and trust with our clients which allows us to understand and ensure we know exactly what the business needs relating to insurance and risk minimization. We are here to service all insurance needs and deal with claims if they unfortunately arise which alleviates you as clients from stress and trying to come to a resolution with insurance companies. Offering high quality & friendly service will ensure we can turn a negative situation into a positive by providing a efficient and effective insurance solution for all insurance related matters.

We are happy to look over and review any insurance as well as quote even if you are happy with where your current insurance is. Our review can reveal if you have the right covers and level of cover as well as point out any extra premiums you may be paying.

If you are starting or have purchased a new business or domestic property and would like insurance or a review of your current insurance policies, please contact us.


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